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Breathwork Circle For Full Expression with Anna Davila

Hi, My name is Anna Davila and I'm a Breathwork Facilitator.

Breathwork is a type of active meditation that assist in releasing blocks, healing trauma, connecting with your intuition, your essence and so much more.

This Breathwork Circle will be focused on shifting from hiding to fully expressing yourself in all ways. A lot of us have not been allowed to fully speak our truth as children, be our full selves or believe in the magic that exist within us. This has now transitioned to our adulthood through our unconscious acts, self dialogue and amount expression we allow ourselves to have. When we don’t fully express or give ourselves a safe container to do so, this energy gets trapped in the body and manifest as blocks, insecurities, self sabotage, and even dis-ease. We will chat a bit about this topic, bring awareness to areas in our life we may be having this experience and not even know it. We will then answer a few questions in our journal that will bring up emotions and mindsets around our level of expression. We will use what comes up during the Breathwork portion of the session.

I will then go over the Breathwork pattern; we each set intentions, then get on our mats and start breathing. The spectrum of experiences that can happen is infinite. Come with something to write with and on, an open mind and open heart.

NOW is the time to show up for yourself more than ever!

Please bring pen & paper.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in the group.


Anna Davila

Ticketing info to come.