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Mental Clarity Camp with Dr. Margit Winstrom

Feeling tired too often? Feeling more foggy than you'd care to admit? or Just want to hone your ability to focus and think sharply for now and for life? Learn how to find the roots of chronic fatigue and brain fog as well as optimize mental acuity in this two hour workshop with Functional Medicine Holistic Brain Health Specialist, Dr. Margit Winstrom.

You will walk out of this workshop with a holistic health mission plus the know-how and tools to energize and clarify your mind.

We will start at the foundations of brain health in the body that many primary care providers frequently miss and the blogosphere just doesn't get. We will give you a list of laboratory tests you can have done on your own to track down the root cause of fatigue and brain fog.

Next, we will cover common triggers in diet, lifestyle, as well as the indoor and outdoor environment (there are tests for some of these too) that have surprising impacts on perceived daily mental acuity.

You will get REAL everyday practices that can make to boost mental energy and hone your focus.

Get ready to meet your natural get-up-and-go.

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